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Accepted Work

29 Full and Perspectives Papers (40.8%)

[citation needed]: An Examination of Types and Purpose of Evidence Provided in Three Online Discussions on Reddit
Dana Mckay, Stephann Makri and George Buchanan
A User Study on the Acceptance of Native Advertising in Generative IR
Ines Zelch, Matthias Hagen and Martin Potthast
Balancing Act: Boosting Strategies for Informed Search on Controversial Topics
Markus Bink and David Elsweiler
Comparing Traditional and LLM-based Search for Image Geolocation
Albatool Wazzan, Stephen MacNeil and Richard Souvenir
Design Principles for a Study Planning Assistant in Higher Education
Lena Bartel, Michaela Ochs, Tobias Hirmer and Andreas Henrich
Exploring the Impact of Verbal-Imagery Cognitive Style on Web Search Behaviour and Mental Workload
Huimin Tang, Johann Benerradi, Horia A. Maior, Matthew Pike, Aleksandra Landowska and Max L. Wilson
From Potential to Practice: Intellectual Humility During Search on Debated Topics
Alisa Rieger, Frank Bredius, Mariët Theune and Maria Soledad Pera
Generative Information Systems Are Great If You Can Read
Adam Roegiest and Zuzana Pinkosova
Human and Large Language Model Intent Detection in Image-Based Self-Expression of People with Intellectual Disability
Alieh Hajizadeh Saffar, Laurianne Sitbon, Maria Hoogstrate, Ahmed Abbas, Sirinthip Roomkham and Dimity Miller
Improving expert search effectiveness: Comparing ways to rank and present search results
Thomas Schoegje, Lynda Hardman, Arjen de Vries and Toine Pieters
Keepin' it Reel: Investigating how Short Videos on TikTok and Instagram Reels Influence View Change
Angela Molem, Stephann Makri and Dana McKay
Mobile search made easier: An ability-based mobile search prototype for people with dyslexia
Jason Reed, Andy MacFarlane and Stephann Makri
On the Effects of Automatically Generated Adjunct Questions for Search as Learning
Peide Zhu, Arthur Câmara, Nirmal Roy, David Maxwell and Claudia Hauff
Restarting the conversation about conversational search: exploring new possibilities for multimodal and collaborative systems with people with intellectual disability
Sirinthip Roomkham and Laurianne Sitbon
Seeking Socially Responsible Consumers: Exploring the Intention-Search-Behaviour Gap
Leif Azzopardi and Frans van der Sluis
Something Just Like This: A Secret History of the Role of Analogues in Information Seeking
Huiwen Zhang, Dana McKay, Michael Twidale and George Buchanan
Stopped yet Completed: Exploring the Relationships between Session-stopping Reasons, Information Types, and Cognitive Activities in Cross-Session Searches
Yuan Li and Rob Capra
Teachable Facets: A Framework of Interactive Machine Teaching for Information Filtering
Swati Mishra, Matt Ryerkerk, Yitzchak Lockerman, David Eis and Jeff Rzeszotarski
The Dark Matter of Serendipity in Recommender Systems
Denis Kotkov, Alan Medlar, Triin Kask and Dorota Glowacka
The Effect of Simulated Contextual Factors on Recipe Rating and Nutritional Intake Behaviour
Mengyisong Zhao, Morgan Harvey, David Cameron and Frank Hopfgartner
The Effects of Goal-setting on Learning Outcomes and Self-Regulated Learning Processes
Kelsey Urgo and Jaime Arguello
The Impact of CHIIR Publications: A Study of Eight Years of CHIIR
Maria Gaede, Toine Bogers, Mark Michael Hall, Marijn Koolen, Vivien Petras and Birger Larsen
The Influence of Presentation and Performance on User Satisfaction
Kanaad Pathak, Leif Azzopardi and Martin Halvey
Towards Self-Contained Answers: Entity-Based Answer Rewriting in Conversational Search
Ivan Sekulic, Krisztian Balog and Fabio Crestani
Trust Through Recommendation in E-Commerce
Maria Saxborn, Yuechen Pan and Alan Said
Uncharted Territory: Understanding Exploratory Search Behaviours in Literature Reviews
Ayah Soufan, Ian Ruthven and Leif Azzopardi
Unveiling Health Literacy through Web Search Behavior: A Classification-Based Analysis of User Interactions
Carla Teixeira Lopes and Mariana Henriques
Visual Keyword/Result Linking: Using Interaction to Dynamically Reveal Relationships
Orland Hoeber, Abbas Pirmoradi, Sebastian Gomes, Baran Erfani, Zakiyyah Noorally and Yug Shah
Why Do Customers Return Products? Using Customer Reviews to Predict Product Return Behaviors
Hao-Fei Cheng, Eyal Krikon and Vanessa Murdock

9 Short Papers (16.9%)

Augmenting Choice-Based Preference Elicitation for Recommender Systems by Means of Generative Models
Benedikt Loepp
Decoding Distress: How Search Engine Data Reveals Socioeconomic Disparities in Mental Health
Hengyi Fu
Enabling Exploratory Browsing using Dynamic Search Result Tagging, Highlighting, and Filtering
Abbas Pirmoradi and Orland Hoeber
Enhancing Human Annotation: Leveraging Large Language Models and Efficient Batch Processing
Oleg Zendel, J. Shane Culpepper, Falk Scholer and Paul Thomas
Modeling Activity-Driven Music Listening with PACE
Lilian Marey, Bruno Sguerra and Manuel Moussallam
Product Query Recommendation for Enriching Suggested Q&As
Soomin Lee, Eilon Sheetrit, Omar Alonso and Avihai Mejer
Product Spam on YouTube: A Case Study
Janek Bevendorff, Matti Wiegmann, Martin Potthast and Benno Stein
RULKKG: Estimating User’s Knowledge Gain in Search-as-Learning Using Knowledge Graphs
Hadi Nasser, Dima El Zein, Celia Da Costa Pereira, Cathy Escazut and Andrea Tettamanzi
Task Supportive and Personalized Human-Large Language Model Interaction: A User Study
Ben Wang, Jiqun Liu, Jamshed Karimnazarov and Nick Thompson

3 Resources (60%)

QookA: A Cooking Question Answering Dataset
Alexander Frummet and David Elsweiler
"You tell me": A Dataset of GPT-4-Based Behaviour Change Support Conversations
Selina Meyer and David Elsweiler
SiTunes: A Situational Music Recommendation Dataset with Physiological and Psychological Signals
Vadim Grigorev, Jiayu Li, Weizhi Ma, Zhiyu He, Min Zhang, Yiqun Liu, Ming Yan and Ji Zhang

6 Demos (75%)

Assisted Knowledge Graph Authoring: Human-Supervised Knowledge Graph Construction from Natural Language
Marcel Gohsen and Benno Stein
FrameFinder: Explorative Multi-Perspective Framing Extraction from News Headlines
Markus Reiter-Haas, Beate Klösch, Markus Hadler and Elisabeth Lex
From Chat to Publication Management: Organizing your related work using BibSonomy & LLMs
Tom Völker, Jan Pfister, Tobias Koopmann and Andreas Hotho
JayBot -- Aiding University Students and Admission with an LLM-based Chatbot
Julius Odede and Ingo Frommholz
Mixed Reality Interaction Enhanced by Whiteboard for Product Search
Yuya Tsuda, Takehiro Yamamoto and Hiroaki Ohshima
Walert: Putting Conversational Information Seeking Knowledge into Action by Building and Evaluating a Large Language Model-Powered Chatbot
Sachin Pathiyan Cherumanal, Lin Tian, Futoon M. Abushaqra, Angel Felipe Magnossão de Paula, Kaixin Ji, Danula Hettiachchi, Johanne R. Trippas, Halil Ali, Falk Scholer and Damiano Spina

6 Doctoral Consortium Papers

A Proactive System for Supporting Users in Interactions with Large Language Models
Ben Wang
Conversational Bibliographic Search
Markus Nilles
Educational Resource Search in Scottish Schools
Vidminas Vizgirda
Identifying textual disinformation using Large Language Models
Marina Ernst
Supporting Neuroscience Literature Exploration by Utilising Indirect Relations between Topics in Augmented Reality
Boyu Xu
Visualization-Enhanced Aggregated Search Interfaces
Milad Momeni

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